I can never remeber how to post here. Remember I mean. fuc Kit.


So yeah, here I am. me. here. unhappy.

So yeah, here I am. me. here. unhappy. But no one wants to read about that kind of shit do they? no they want to hear  about the success you are having and all the good things that are working for you right now. such as…

no pity. It’s all my own fault. some kind of self doubt. nothing is working out. sigh.

Winter is here. the air is cold. I am hungry. nothing to eat. lonely, no one to touch. I must get out of the house today. it’s been a while inside. here. no going out. my music studio will be wondering where I am… Cold instruments. Frozen in time whence I left them last.

I am thinking it would be good to learn a new language. French. German. Czech.

Why does everytime I hit RETURN I get this MASSIVE gap? see above. I do not like this.

Argh! Again it does it. Why? NEW LINE. you dolts. not NEW block of text. sigh. the fools.

starting out.

I mean you really have to wonder eh.

too many windows, too many things you ca do. the controls are buried too deep.

Jesus, why? I am not a fucking moron. sigh. We are taking this all too seriously.

just step back and take a breather. think about it a bit more. FFS.

Over complicated bollocks.